Dear friends,thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage. It is my desire, and the goal of this ministry, to be a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and to make His name known to whomever I preach to or visit. It is also my desire that those I meet with and those that hear these sermons will know the price that He paid for our sins and understand that they can know Christ as their Savior and be born again. It is also the goal of this ministry to call people to repentance and away from their self life and teach them not to harbor self-sins or excuse them that we might agree with God. God doesn't want people to be enamoured with a preacher and there is no value for me being a preacher
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"We don't build sufficiency,
He is our sufficiency."
Bill Stafford Ministries
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unless I preach the message of a risen Christ. My value is to be an expression to the world of His love and sufficiency so that every man comes to the cross the same way; abandoning to Him and abiding in Him. I pray that God will show you that He is willing to use any one who is willing to believe in Him and repent of those things in our lives that will grieve the heart of God.
God Bless,
Bill Stafford
Acts 20:24