A Clear View From Just a Fessel is the life story of Bill Stafford; Pastor, Evangelist, Author, and outstanding communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout this book you will see the workings of God in Bro. Stafford's life; forming and shaping him into a vessel whose primary desire is that others would see Christ's sufficiency, not his ability.

The writer of Proverbs 27:17 said the following: "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." That being the case, read with interest about the life of Bill Stafford, who has honed many of his friends with Godly counsel and words of encouragement.
A Clear View From Just A Vessel
The Bill Stafford Story
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Burned Outhouses,Big White Chickens and other sins I could mention, is Pastor Smithís recollections of how sin entered and controlled his life until Christ cleaned him up with Heavenís deodorant soap. The book includes personal and humorous illustrations which reveal the true nature of sin and the author's progression from the discovery of the sin nature to full blown sin. It also deals with the truth of all Christian nature: We are sinners through and through! The reader will discover just how deadly sin is for the Christian, how it controls our actions and prevents our potential. To conquer sin, you must understand it. This book will make it simple and provide a clear path to recovery.

The book can be purchased at Barnes and; Amazon. Com; or, directly from the publisher, Xulon Press.
Burned Outhouses, Big White Chickens, and Other Sins I Could Mention
by John A. Smith
by John A. Smith
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