Hope for the Hopeless takes a look at the thief on the cross and his cry to Jesus for mercy. Jesus received, accepted and saved him and said today you will be in paradise. He agreed with Jesus and He promised the man that he would take him to paradise.
Hope for the Hopeless
A Message From the Sandy Creek Revival
Bill Stafford Ministries
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Crowded to Christ focuses on the Biblical account of Jacob and his encounter with God. He was at the place of being alone. God met him, broke him, and Esau was still coming after him. The message shows how a man wresteled with God and lost, but it was done so that he could win. God smote him, broke him and eventually changed Jacob from crook he had become to Israel, God's chosen nation.
Crowded to Christ
A Message from the Sandy Creek Revival
One Thing Thou Lackest looks at the scripture surrounding the rich young ruler who came to Jesus. Christ said sell all that you have and give it to the poor and the ruler walked away because he didnít know how to trust him.
One Thing Thou Lackest
A Message from the Sandy Creek Revival
$15.00 plus s&h
$15.00 plus s&h
$15.00 plus s&h